Your Challenge: Reduce Expenses with Limited Resources

Use your limited time to focus on direct expenses and let reSourcing use its time and tools to reduce your indirect expenses.

reSourcing Delivers Material and Sustainable Savings

We identify savings opportunities on indirect expenses and negotiate more favorable pricing with suppliers on your behalf, using:

Our Model

The responsibility to improve profitability is yours. The responsibility to secure your savings is ours.

Our Tools

Our tools enable us to objectively and uniquely view your expenses resulting in material savings for you.

Our Process

We walk you through a proven methodology requiring minimal client time and customized to your business.

Categories We Analyze

For more than 10 years we have been creating savings opportunities for our clients in more than 40 categories of spend including:


  • Cloud Services
  • Managed / Hosted Services
  • Software / Application Renewals
  • Connectivity (Data and Voice) Services
  • Infrastructure


  • Wireless
  • Telephone Equipment
  • Audio / Web Conferencing

Corporate / Admin

  • Office Supplies & Equipment
  • Staffing
  • T&E Expense Reporting
  • Corporate Card
  • Bank Fees
  • Credit Card Processing Fees
  • Copiers
  • Fleet / Car Allowance
  • Insurance
  • Medical / Pharmacy Benefits
  • Broker (Agency) Commission
  • Financial Filings
  • News Dissemination

Business Process Outsourcing

  • Call Centers
  • HCM / Payroll Processing
  • Financial Services
  • Commercial Printing
  • Translation

Logistics / Shipping

  • 3PL
  • Small Parcel
  • Packaging
  • OTR Freight
  • Fulfillment

…across a variety of different industries including:










Why reSourcing?

The reSourcing business model ensures that your hard-dollar savings are realized before we are compensated.

We spend the time necessary to deliver savings that significantly reduce your cost structure in a sustainable manner. reSourcing differentiates itself by taking the time and having the expertise to unbundle supplier pricing into its base elements. This enables reSourcing to collaboratively work with suppliers to offer innovative cost-savings alternatives at the component level. This customized approach yields maximum savings every time.

We crafted our non-disruptive process understanding that your time is scarce.  A single meeting to discuss our service and your expenses will begin the process.  From there, only a few brief touch points are required until we deliver your savings options.

Our pay-for-performance business model ensures that your savings are realized before we are compensated.

Unlike other consulting companies that present theoretical savings, we provide easily implementable solutions that result in tangible savings.

Each principal brings more than 20 years of Fortune 500 experience in multiple roles across multiple industries. With our firm, there is no delegation to junior team members. All of the work is performed by the principals. Each principal has considerable negotiation experience and a proven track record of creating innovative solutions.

Our transparent process allows Client approval points so that Clients maintain visibility and control over the outcome. You always decide which opportunities you want to secure. You continue to maintain your formal relationships with your suppliers.


You get the benefit of having all work being performed by the Principals

Our Team

Chris Taylor


Frank Mitchell


Matt Taylor