Our combination of tools allows us to objectively view your expenses from a unique angle resulting in material savings for you.


Creates Transparent Market Pricing

How do you know if you are overpaying for indirect goods and services? It’s not enough to just know what your pricing is, you need a frame of reference.

We know what other companies are paying for the same goods and services from your suppliers and alternative suppliers. When we inform suppliers of our benchmarks, significant leverage is created in our negotiations on your behalf. This benchmarking ensures an optimal negotiating environment, which produces savings for you.

The Result

You gain market clarity allowing you to make fully informed decisions.


Suppliers Respond With More Compelling Pricing

Suppliers set pricing based on a variety of factors, including the size of the opportunity. When you negotiate on your own, your leverage is limited to the size of your business.

reSourcing makes suppliers aware that compelling pricing leads to incremental opportunities with reSourcing’s existing and future clients. Suppliers respond with superior pricing when they recognize the larger opportunity with no additional sales or marketing efforts.

The Result

More compelling pricing delivers greater savings to you.

Operating Efficiencies

Create Incremental Savings

We differentiate ourselves by taking the time and having the expertise to unbundle supplier pricing into its base elements. Our analysis allows you to make better-informed decisions regarding the value of each of those elements. Our analysis also enables us to collaboratively work with suppliers to offer innovative cost-savings alternatives at the component level.

We also make you aware of select best practices and programs, which you may elect to exploit as well. These provide you additional opportunities for savings.

The Result

These efficiencies produce sustainable savings.


Expand Yours by Using Ours

Securing superior pricing in indirect expenses requires significant time. Companies appropriately prioritize their time on direct expenses, which leaves little or no time to spend on indirect expenses (expenses that are not incorporated into the Client’s product or service). Now you can finally get the benefit of addressing your indirect spend without sacrificing your focus on direct expenses.

Clients appreciate that the time required for an initial meeting is then significantly augmented with the time required for reSourcing to achieve material savings. A single meeting to discuss your expenses begins the process. From there, only a few brief touch points are required until we deliver your savings options.

The Result

reSourcing spends the time necessary utilizing each tool (Benchmarking, Scale and Operating Efficiencies) to maximize your savings.

reSourcing Delivers

Superior Pricing

“We didn’t need a new project, we needed savings. Very little of our time was required before reSourcing presented their findings and savings options. The options they presented gave us immediate and significant savings…it seemed like they were part of our management team.”

$325MM Publicly-Held Medical Device Company

“Due to our continuous internal cost reduction initiatives, we believed we had aggressive pricing. Despite this, since there was no risk with reSourcing’s model, we gave them the opportunity to review existing pricing and they delivered further material savings in many categories for us.”

$700MM Publicly-Held Pharmaceutical Company

“After experiencing reSourcing’s work in several categories, it became clear that their non-procurement background is what enabled their creative solutions that we would never have benefitted from using our traditional RFP approach. They found ways to reduce the expense first and then negotiated better pricing.”

$200MM Publicly-Held Technology Company

“The reference calls I made were so compelling that I had to engage them. While I was skeptical that I would benefit the way the folks on the other end of the reference calls did, I can now say that they were a pleasure to work with and the knowledge they provided allowed us to generate significant savings across a broad range of categories.”

Privately-Held Manufacturing Company