The responsibility to improve profitability is yours.
The responsibility to secure your savings is ours.

No Risk. No Cost. No Wasted Time.

Our shared-savings business model ensures consistent alignment with our Client’s goals from the outset. We only receive compensation after you have realized savings. This ensures you always remain cash-flow positive.

No Retainers. No Expenses. No Fees.

If you choose not to pursue a specific savings opportunity, you owe us nothing. In those instances, you still gain the comfort and value of knowing your price relative to the market price.

reSourcing Delivers

Sustainable Savings

“We didn’t need a new project, we needed savings. Very little of our time was required before reSourcing presented their findings and savings options. The options they presented gave us immediate and significant savings…it seemed like they were part of our management team.”

$325MM Publicly-Held Medical Device Company

“Due to our continuous internal cost reduction initiatives, we believed we had aggressive pricing. Despite this, since there was no risk with reSourcing’s model, we gave them the opportunity to review existing pricing and they delivered further material savings in many categories for us.”

$700MM Publicly-Held Pharmaceutical Company

“After experiencing reSourcing’s work in several categories, it became clear that their non-procurement background is what enabled their creative solutions that we would never have benefitted from using our traditional RFP approach. They found ways to reduce the expense first and then negotiated better pricing.”

$200MM Publicly-Held Technology Company

“The reference calls I made were so compelling that I had to engage them. While I was skeptical that I would benefit the way the folks on the other end of the reference calls did, I can now say that they were a pleasure to work with and the knowledge they provided allowed us to generate significant savings across a broad range of categories.”

Privately-Held Manufacturing Company